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Sarah Griffiths and Emily Burtenshaw describe a university based group for people with Parkinson’s disease

(24th January 2011)

Interesting article on Speech and Language Therapy conducted by local Speech Therapists

A Speech and Language Article

Reflections on Parkinson's by Bob Garland

(7th December 2010)

I often wander around my house in the dark at night, unable to sleep, getting angry at Parkinson's for what it is doing to me. I sometimes wish I could write down my emotions but don't know how to start.

When I first heard the 'letter to my friends and family, read aloud to me by a fellow member of the Plymouth and District Branch of Parkinson's UK , it said it all.

The letter is reproduced in full at the link below. It's origin is uncertain - somewhere on the internet via Gloria, but parts of it touched a chord with me as I am sure it will with others.

A letter to my Friends and Family

Glossary of Parkinson's terms by Bob Garland

(8th December 2010)

As the research community seeks to promote a wider awareness of its work we thought it may be helpful to build up a Glossary of some of the medical and scientific terms which are beginning to appear in the layman’s vocabulary. These will be spread over a number of Newssheet issues in alphabetic order. These are all taken from the Parkinson’s UK publication, ‘Science in Progress’ (January 2004). All terms have been checked for accuracy by a relevant health professional.

Glossary of terms